KingRoot - Why is this rooting app so popular?

Kingroot is an absolutely free application and you can download free apk file for your android device or exe file for your windows PC.

  1. KingRoot is the most trusted android rooting tool.
  2. KingRoot is also the most popular, most downloaded one-click-root-tool for android devices.
  3. Regular and frequent updates: KingRoot apk receives updates on regular basis to be compatible with wide range of smart phones and tablets.
  4. Kingroot is the most compatible app, it supports more smart phones than any other similar tool and has 98.2% success rate.
  5. It is supported in Samsung, HTC, MOTO, Cool, ZTE, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Meizu, OPPO.

===> Download KingRoot for PC

===> Download KingRoot for Android

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